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Dye VL

Dye-VL is a unique system that uses fluorescent technology, AFT, to treat pigment lesions. It uses a special filtering system converting short wavelengths into light energy dealing with skin issues to rejuvenate the skin.  Dye-VI is non invasive and treatments correct the problems below the skin and do not damage the skin’s outer layer.


Dye VL treats:

  • Pigment lesions or dark spots resulting from sun exposure are flat or raised. Dark spots result from melanocyte cells that produce skin darkening pigments or melanin.
  • Vascular lesions are abnormal blood vessels beneath the skin. They are caused by skin injury, irritation, and UV damage. Some vascular lesions may also be hereditary. Spider veins, rosacea, and hemangioma are types of vascular lesions.

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Dye VL also treats:

  • Melasma
  • Age spots
  • Port-wine stains
  • Hemangioma
  • Facial spider veins
  • Irregular pigmentation
  • Freckles


Dye-VL uses next-generation fluorescence technology or AFT to treat these lesions and is a part of the Harmony XL Pro. AFT uses a filtering system to convert short-wavelengths into part of the usable light spectrum. Treatments take about 30 minutes, but this may change due to the type of lesion being treated, your skin type, and the lesion’s size.

Dye-VL specifically targets the chromosphere in the lesion by using a system of selective light energy. The process treats the specific pigment and targets the melanin in skin pigments and hemoglobin lesions. After the treatment, the skin flakes and some discoloration may be present. However, treated cells will be replaced with normal cells as the skin heals and regenerates.

Vascular lesions absorb the laser energy, resulting in abnormal vessels closing off. This closure reduces the appearance of abnormal veins or blood vessels. Dye-VL is safe for use on all body areas, and before treatment, an ultrasound gel spread in the treated area helps the area feel cooler.

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