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Alma TED Hair Restoration

If you have suffered from hair loss, it may be because of genetics, stress, illness, or hormonal changes. Hair loss can be frustrating, and you often feel less confident and annoyed. However, a new treatment can help you regain what you have lost. The Alma TED is a new procedure, and TED stands for transepidermal drug delivery. This effective cosmetic treatment sets the gold standard for patient effectiveness and safety.

Alma TED uses acoustic sound waves combined with air pressure to drive formulated medications past your skin’s protective layers and deep into the dermis layer that nourishes hair follicles and scalp. The treatment creates gaseous bubbles in the stratum corneum. These bubbles expand the lipid bilayer and allow the medication to be deeply absorbed so the body can use them optimally. The system also works to improve blood flow. The skin depth is calculated to your setting to allow your skin to absorb the best amounts of these medications for optimum performance.

Alma Ted has no trauma and discomfort experience, unlike other hair renewal treatments. However, you may see noticeable results in one treatment, which is quick and simple. You will require no topical anesthetic or post-treatment shedding therapy.

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Alma TED Hair Restoration


How many treatments will I need?

Most patients require three treatments, and in studies, patients saw new hairs grow one month after treatment.

What does Alma TED treat?

Alma TED treats male and female pattern baldness and is effective against on-scarring alopecia or hair loss.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is simple and pain-free, plus it helps you regrow lost hair.

Where can Alma TED be used?

You can use this treatment anywhere on your scalp, eyebrows, and beard.

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